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About Aleph Military

The Aleph Institute, founded in 1981 at the express direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, provides crucial financial, emotional and spiritual assistance to thousands of Jews separated from traditional Jewish communities. This mandate includes assistance to thousands of service members in the United States Armed Forces across the globe and their families. The Aleph Institute serves individuals of all backgrounds and faiths. Over these 40+ years, Aleph has evolved into the nation’s most potent and effective advocate for Jews in restricted environments. Its very existence is a source of constant strength to Jews who are often forgotten by the Jewish community.

Aleph established “Operation Enduring Traditions” to service the unique needs of Jewish members of the United States Armed Forces stationed worldwide. Aleph’s military program is the nation’s largest provider of religious and educational materials to Jewish military personnel and their families. The Aleph Institute is a US Department of Defense recognized ecclesiastical endorsing agency.

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