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By: Mrs. Chaya Sara Ceitlin

Thank you for your sacrifice
But what does it truly mean?
What does it mean to the average person,
That is taught to say these words?
Do they even have meaning?
What is the “sacrifice”?
It’s the big and little things.
It’s the obvious.
Your spouse is away for who knows how long.
It’s the little things,
The firsts:
The first day of school
The first lost tooth
The first achievement.
It’s the family time:
The long Shabbosim of just you and the kids,
The holidays spent without your spouse.
The missing void.
The birthdays,
Favorite dinners,
Inside jokes,
The hugs,
The affection,
The laughter.
Just remember, when you see the uniform
To thank them
And their families.
They fight so you stay safe

Originally publish in the Pesach 5783 issue of the Jewish American Warrior.