Reclaiming Self


Teshuvah – “Return”, or badly translated as “repentance” – is one of the great gifts of life. Through Teshuvah we are able to return from pain, fragmentation and confusion to a place of greater unity and well-being, to our authentic self. RECLAIMING THE SELF offers a glimpse into a world without the damaging influence of past negativity – where misdeed is transformed into merit.

Questions addressed include:
What exactly is Teshuvah and how does it function?
How do we understand the mechanism of undoing our past and co-creating our future?
Is it possible to foster healthy regret without eroding our self-esteem?
In this informative, inspiring and empowering book, Rav Pinson guides us along the pathway of genuine transformation and holistic integration so that we can live fully present in the now.

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