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By CH (CPT) Yitzchak Hochman, USAR

Why does this Chaplain have seven candles burning on the 3rd night of Chanukah? It was my own Chanukah miracle!

Due to an extremely large number of variables, my holiday leave was canceled and I found myself stuck in North Fort Hood. As the time for lighting the menorah approached, I deliberated where to find a suitable place for my menorah. I finally chose to forgo lighting in my room and schlep to the chapel. Although the base was almost entirely deserted, I figured that maybe, just maybe it might benefit a Jewish service member. At the exact moment I stood to light the menorah, Major W walked into the empty chapel. Major W was happy to share with me that he is ethnically Jewish his mother’s mom was Jewish. Hashem arranged that he had the first opportunity of his life to light the menorah, which he did so willingly and happily. As for me, in the future I will be more prepared, and carry a spare menorah!

Originally published in the Chanukah 5782 Jewish-American Warrior