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Do you have a military base near you that you want to service?

Aleph can help you!

The Aleph Institute provides free support to Jewish service members of every branch of the US military, wherever they are stationed. Our support includes a full line of over two dozen seforim, all Yom Tov supplies, advocacy, religious accommodation assistance, peer connections with other Jewish service members, shadchan services, and much more. We will work with you to ensure the Jewish service members you know have everything they need to grow in Yiddishkeit and stay connected to the Jewish community.

We can also assist with your relationship with the base itself – whether by our mentoring service or giving you certification to be hired by the base as a “Contract Rabbi”. This position is not a common one, but we will work with you to assess the situation and advise you how to go about trying to get the position. The Contract Rabbi will serve as a civilian, with a pre-determined amount of services that he will provide for the Jews on the base. A Contract Rabbi is not a member of the military, will not receive benefits, but will receive pay commensurate with the amount of time he provides services to the base. This pay will be determined in the original contract.

First, please listen to this recording of a session at the 2019 Kinus Hashluchim, given by Rabbis Sandy Dresin and Hesh Epstein, alongside Chaplains Mendy Stern and Elie Estrin.

After you have listened to that session, please read our Chaplain Endorsement FAQs and Military Lay Leader FAQs.

Upon reading those FAQs, please contact Rabbi Elie Estrin at [email protected].