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Tefillin is one of the most important Mitzvot in the Torah! Tefillin consist of two small leather boxes containing four sections of the Torah written on parchment. Jewish men put on Tefillin every weekday as a sign of our connection with G-d. To apply to receive your pair of Tefillin, please fill out the application form here.


Holiday Supplies

Order everything you need to celebrate the upcoming Jewish holidays!

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Tzitzit are worn by Jewish men throughout the day, usually under a shirt. The strings that hang from each of its four corners are a physical representation and reminder of the Torah’s 613 commandments. Wearing them is not only a mitzvah, it is also is a sign of Jewish pride. To apply for a pair of Tzitzit, please fill out the application form here.



The Mezuzah is a parchment scroll containing the passage of the Shema, which is placed upon the doorposts of your home. To apply to receive your mezuzah, please fill out the application form here. (Limit: one free Mezuzah per Jewish service member. To purchase more Mezuzot, please contact us directly.)


Aleph Bookstore

Note: Due to the generosity of our donors, service members may be eligible to receive books and supplies free of charge. Please fill out this form to apply.

Note: Distribution of all material is done at the sole discretion of the Aleph Institute. Supplies are limited.